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What is Cervical Fusion? Cervical fusion is a type of spinal fusion surgery. As with a lumbar spinal fusion, a cervical fusion involves “fusing” (or joining) bones together. Joint pain in any part of the body can be a result of injury, arthritis, inflammation, bone spurs, normal aging of the joint’s components, etc. Often, this […]

7 Effective Pinched Nerve Remedies

June 2nd, 2017 by Lauren

A pinched nerve in your lower back or neck can be debilitating.  Treatment can vary but in this article we’ll discuss some common pinched nerve remedies. What is a Pinched Nerve? A pinched nerve occurs when something (bone, ligament, muscle, etc) puts pressure on a nerve. This can limit the nerve’s ability to function and […]

The McKenzie Method (MDT) is a method for assessing, classifying and treating patients with pain in their back, neck, arms and legs. It is a non-surgical treatment that involves physical therapy and exercises. What is the McKenzie Method? The McKenzie Method (also know as MDT for Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) is a system for assessing, […]

Cervicogenic Headaches: What are They?

April 20th, 2017 by Lauren

If you’ve been suffering from headaches and neck pain you may have heard about cervicogenic headaches. What is a cervicogenic headache? What does a cervicogenic headache feel like? And what can help a cervicogenic headache? In this article we’ll answer those questions. Can a Headache and Neck Pain be Related? Absolutely! A headache and neck pain […]


November 14th, 2016 by Andrea

The idea of having surgery can be frightening for anyone, no matter what age. Some individuals assume that they will be unable to participate in many activities post surgery. However, dozens of famous athletes have proven this statement wrong and have thrived following the conclusion of their back/neck related surgeries. For instance, in more recent […]

Dr. Herzog was recently interviewed on TWC-NEWS about neck pain. He talks about how common it is for neck issues to present with shoulder and/or arm pain. Herzog says most patients who have neck pain don’t require surgery, they can be treated with ibuprofen or Tylenol. Herzog says more serious neck problems can be overlooked […]

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