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Do you suffer from neck pain? If you were involved in an accident or had neck trauma you should see a doctor for your neck pain. But, if you’ve got a stiff neck or a pinched nerve, there are exercises for neck pain that you can do at home. Try a few of these. But, […]

Infections of the Spine

June 15th, 2020 Posted in Spine Condition

Most people will experience some type of neck pain or back pain in their lifetime. Arthritis, disc herniations, poor posture are all common causes of spine pain. Less common, but more serious, causes of back pain or neck pain are infections of the spine. Here’s a bit more about these infections and what to watch […]

There are differing opinions on how stress can affect pain. However, most experts agree that stress can exacerbate chronic pain. So, if you suffer from chronic pain in the back or neck, finding a way to reduce the stress in your life may help. Worry-Pain Downward Spiral One theory on how stress can affect pain […]

Watch your posture. Sit up straight. Don’t slouch. We’ve probably all heard these sayings before. Buy why is posture so important? Because poor posture can damage your spine and cause aches and pains throughout your body. Anatomy and Curves of the Spine Our spine is made up of many vertebrae. In between each vertebrae is […]

Most patients at Saratoga Spine don’t require surgery. For those that do, the current pandemic may have delayed their surgery. If your surgery had to be postponed because of COVID-19, here are some helpful tips to get you through these difficult times. Try Some Easy Exercises If you’re able, exercise is a great way to […]

Have you suffered from more back pain since the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine began? If so, here’s an important tip to help you minimize your back pain and possibly prevent new flareups. How Our Lifestyle Changes During Quarantine May Be Affecting Our Bodies Most of our lives look very different now that we are quarantined […]

During the COVID-19 pandemic many of us have found ourselves working from home. That can mean hours in front of a computer, oftentime from a makeshift office setup. Bad setups and poor posture can wreak havoc on your body and you may find yourself suffering from new aches and pains. If you’ve suddenly found yourself […]

If you suffer from pain from your back or neck, surgery can be a scary option. But it’s not always needed, or recommended. In fact, 85% of Saratoga Spine patients don’t require surgery. There are many forms of non-surgical treatment options for individuals who aren’t candidates for surgery. Non-Surgical Treatment Options Anti-Inflammatory Medication Anti-inflammatory medicine […]

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