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As people age and the tissue in their spine changes they can develop degenerative disc disease. Arthritis is also a condition which affects the joints and is known to progress with age.  So, are degenerative disc disease and arthritis the same thing? What’s Degenerative Disc Disease? Between each bone of the backbone are fluid filled […]

Studying can be a pain in the neck, literally. But you don’t literally have to suffer from back or neck pain while studying.  Here are 7 ways to prevent pain from schoolwork. How to Prevent Neck Pain While Studying 1. Correct Your Posture Did your mother ever say… “don’t slouch” or “sit up straight”. Well, […]

Are Pinched Nerves Common?

August 23rd, 2019 Posted in Spine Condition

Are pinched nerves common? Yes, unfortunately. But just how common are they? Let’s take a look. Nerves are highly sensitive. They have to be. They help us feel what is going on around us. In this way, they protect us. Just imagine if you didn’t have the ability to feel things and interpret those feelings […]

Back Pain in Children

August 15th, 2019 Posted in Back Pain

In many ways back pain in children is similar to back pain in adults. However, there are a few conditions which children and teenagers are may be more susceptible to. In this article we’ll discuss those as well as signs there may be a more serious problem. Back Pain in Children vs. Adults Causes for […]

If you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain you may be surprised to learn that the problem may not be in your shoulder. Oftentimes shoulder pain is related to neck problems. A Quick Anatomy Review Before we review some of the neck conditions that can lead to shoulder pain, let’s do a real quick review of the […]

You may have heard your doctor mention acute vs chronic pain, but what do they mean by it? What really are the differences between acute pain and chronic pain? Acute Pain Acute pain can have causes such as trauma, disease, or surgery. Pain symptoms can include increased heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, discomfort, facial […]

What are the physical effects of technology use? In a previous post on the Saratoga Spine blog we talked about growing concern over a new phenomenon dubbed text neck. Additional research suggests an even more significant impact to our bodies. But, not all experts agree. What is Text Neck? Text neck, also called tech neck […]

This article discusses the complicated relationship between biking and back pain. Is biking a good form of exercise which can be used to treat chronic back pain or should it be avoided? Biking for Exercise Exercise Can Help Treat and Prevent Pain Exercise is a common non-surgical treatment method for people with chronic back pain. […]

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